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Birthstone jewellery is very popular today and dates back to ancient history. Throughout the ages people have had a strong desire to adorn themselves with items not only of beauty but also meaning and birthstone jewellery is just one example. These meanings can manifest themselves in any number of ways including personal meaning, belief that birthstones possess medicinal effects or several others.

topaz november birthstone
tanzanite december birthstone



Available in impressive range of colours, the garnet is diverse and very popular in the world of gemstones. With hypnotising clarity and iconic shades, it is a soothing stone with warm vibes. It is believed to be acing in the trends since ages and is formed with several minerals. According to the astrologers, the garnet is believed to eliminate the negativity and bring self-confidence and maturity in the wearer. It is very effortlessly available and can be used in various jewellery types and designs.

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Garnet birthstone of the month



This violet variety of quartz is magical and bewitching. The personality of the stone is itself very opulent and is also believed to have healing properties. The name Amethyst is derived from Greek, meaning ‘a remedy against drunkenness’. It is an alluring stone with deep tint and vibrance. In battle and professional affairs, the stone was believed to keep the wearer clear headed and quite sharp. Representing the royal and regal times, the Amethyst has been very fondly used in traditional jewelleries and heirlooms.

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Amethyst birthstone of the month



Named after aqua - the water, the Aquamarine is march’s birthstone. It is a like pool of freshwater, refreshing and cool blue in colour. The beautiful gemstone was believed to calm the mariners and keep them safe while sailing in the water world. Amidst the awe and clear crisp colour, the stone has a compelling clarity and depths like the sea. The gem is often available in slight green to bright blue hues.

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Aquamarine birthstone of the month



Known to be the most precious and valuable creation of nature, diamonds are too good to be true. This strong stone knows the easiest way to a woman’s heart! After enduring high temperature below the surface of the earth, these dazzling stones are formed, durable enough to get scratched only from the other diamond. They are offered in number of colours and clarity to suit the taste of every individual.

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Diamond birthstone of the month



Lush green in colour, the emerald stone is like a breath of fresh air with the colour that matches with the natural greens. A member of beryl family, this stone dates back to 2.97 billion years ago, with traces found in South Africa. This stone of passion and heart is easily accessible in the market and is vividly used in the jewellery world.

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Emerald birthstone of the month



Derived from the world of water and marines, pearls are available naturally as well as cultured by the people. Known for the perfect smooth surface, the pearls are available in various shapes and sizes, even ones that aren’t spheres! They are known to carry the soothing aura and a very simple lustrous elegance. The pearls are very commonly used in the jewellery world and are often seen in melange with other stones to form a perfect work of art.

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Pearl birthstone of the month



This expensive member of corundum mineral family, ruby, is rich red in colour. It is best recognised for the unique crimson hues and is believed to provide comfort and peace to the overthinking minds. In Sanskrit, Ruby is called ‘Ratanraj’, the king of stones and indeed with the beauty it offers, it can nevertheless be called an ace! The colour of this pretty gem ranges from the orangish red to the purplish red, and hence, gives you the liberty to choose one fine shade.

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Ruby birthstone of the month



An extremely rare stone derived from the meteorites, lava and deep from the veil of earth. The gorgeous green peridot is a variety of olivine mineral’s clan and is believed to be a protective stone. It is often recognised as an ‘Evening Emerald’ while the Egyptians named it as ‘gem of the Sun’. The Peridot in the year of 2005 was found in the comet dust that was brought back from Stardust, a robotic space probe launched by NASA.

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Peridot birthstone of the month



Best known to ooze with positive vibes, this vibrant gemstone is a show-stealer! Sapphires are available in a huge colour variety, ranging from violet, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple and so many other hues. Offered with intense depth of colours, the stone is derived from various exotic locations like, Madagascar, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Australia. It is renowned in the jewellery world and can be paired with other stones to form a fine jewellery piece.

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Sapphire birthstone of the month



Representing the galaxy of stars and colours, the rainbow hues of the gem are very gorgeous and liberating. The unique colour play is makes it an apple to the eye. The opal is Sanskrit is called as upala, meaning ‘Precious stone’. The stone projects the lightening affect and the sky with thunderstorms and cloudbursts. The writers can write tales and encircle around the words like fireworks and volcanos. The opal is not just gorgeous and attractive but is also said to be connected to purity and hope.

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Opal birthstone of the month



This reasonably priced stone is warm and very vibrant in every colour. Topaz is believed to enhance focus and concentration of mind and bring it at peace. Its variants are available in various hues like light blue, orange, pink, violet, brown, yellow and even the very rare red shade. The Topaz in Sanskrit is translated into ‘Fire’ and hence is popularly perceived in the orange shade. This magical gemstone is also said to improve the intelligence of the wearer and offer a long and healthy life, making it a very thoughtful gem.

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Topaz birthstone of the month



The tantalizing tanzanite was one of the greatest discoveries of 20th century. The stone is available in deep saturated colour and very well represents the beauty of a deep blue sky. The stone is very valuable and is also a fresh arrival in the world of colours stones. It is rare and is provided with rich blue and violet hues. Recruited from only one location, the stone is limited and can express the elegance and sophistication very well.

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Tanzanite birthstone of the month