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TJC Beauty Brands

Encouraging Beauty From Within

Discover self-care with our premium range of nourishing moisturizers, eye-care products and a whole-body care that will look after all your needs and give you the much-required feel-good factor. A revolutionary range to look after your day to day self-care routine.

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Incorporate the goodness of Argan Oil, known as “Liquid Gold” of Morocco into your daily self-care routine. The brand brings to you a variety of products that range from skincare to make-up. The enriching oil is known to have much benefits with providing intense hydration and nourishment.

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For the modern man with classic values. Admire trend-leading styles and designs in the hand-picked collection of William Hunt stunners. Discover a statement that make the room stop as you enter.

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One of the leading brands in hair styling products, Donna Bella brings to you appliances that will help you achieve a new look each time. The appliances are created with new technology and keeping in mind to also look after your hair. With a variety from straightners, curling wands, blow dry brushes, we are sure that you will enjoy putting a new look together for each time you step out of the house.

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Working towards uplifting and restoring your youthful radiance is what the brand focuses on. MeruMaya brings to you a whole range of products to give you a new face and radiance never seen before! With its line of treatments, you are sure to look like new leaf!

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While we focus on the well-being of our health, Potion helps us also focus on the well-being of our skin! The brand brings to us capsules treatments that help boost the cells to give you a radiant and youthful skin by pumping the collagen production in it. You will never look a day older with the use of the revolutionary products from Potion that will only increase the suppleness of your skin.

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Focusing on bringing the best of nature to you, Naturally Tribal is known for its never-ending efforts to incorporate values of being grounded and deep-rooted. Revolving around the three values of Organic, Natural and Tribal.

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Have your skin being taken care of with the best! The brand brings to you products that will encourage and boost the rejuvenation and repair of skin from within. The collagen boosting serums will increase the elasticity of your skin, providing it a youthful radiance and suppleness while it also focuses on working from the outside to give you a spot-free glow.

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Meeting the demands of our daily changing lifestyle, BPerfect is a brand that keeps up with the new trends. The brand brings to you a collection of products that help you get a quick fix to maintain your beauty. Infused with scintillating fragrances and while using the mildest of ingredients so as to not harm the natural skin, BPerfect is your go to brand for quick fixes and solutions.

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A brand known for its cosmetic treatments that aids you in treating your skin woes with topical treatments. The revolutionary products of the brand focus on bringing to you solutions to meet all skin issues while also being gentle on your natural skin. Treating the skin to fight signs of ageing, uplifting and tightening the skin, providing hydration and an inner radiance are some of the key motives of the brand.

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