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More About Mulberry Silk Scarves

The gorgeous texture and the shiny surface of mulberry silk are very popular all over the globe. Evolved during the Indus Valley Civilization, this type of silk is naturally derived from the mulberry cocoons. These silkworms are reared indoors and since they eat white Mulberry plant, they are generally white or off-white in colour. The practise of getting natural silk has been running down since a very long time, and hence, is highly successful in commercial market, making this fabric extremely renowned and popular. In the recent years, India is the second largest producer of mulberry silk, after China, and rears the silk from the mulberry worms from the states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka and Jammu & Kashmir. In the above-mentioned states, the Jammu Kashmir and West Bengal are known to be the highest rankers in the race of production.

TJC’s Collection of Mulberry Silk Scarves:

Drape the luxury around your neck and complete your looks with the silk smooth mulberry scarves. TJC assures to bring the best out of the mulberry fabric and present it to you in the form of fashionable scarves and drapes. The ladies’ mulberry scarves in our collection are available in endless designs and prints, with each showcasing the unique a very unique tale of its manufacturing. Dive below in the silky range of scarves and get your ideal pick:

Prints and designs: :

  • Floral: The beauty of flowers is best expressed though our collection of very fine Mulberry silk scarves online, oozing with refreshing and energizing appeal to easily up your game of style and comfort.
  • Animal Print: The beauty of wildlife is very uniquely pictured in this category. The scarves in this range offer very rich texture and print, like that of a leopard and zebra and tiger.
  • Abstract: Modern and classified beauty in looks, the abstract patterned scarves look very exquisite and appealing. With the wide range of colours offered, they easily match with any attire.
  • Plain: Nothing can beat the basic and solid beauty of colours, offering the shades of beautiful blue, yellow, red, green and evergreen black, in this collection you can get endless range of hues and colours.
  • Paisley design: Originated from the Persian culture, this design offers very unique tear drop pattern which looks very unique and lavish. Our Mulberry silk scarves in UK, further very neatly feature ornamental textile design to attract everyone around.

Why Chose TJC:

In order to get the best mulberry scarves for women, we at TJC strive to get the best of mulberry silk and its richness in our assorted products. Each of the scarves in the range above, depicts the clean and neat fabric texture with each details of the silk clearly on display. With the high-quality assured, you don’t just get a piece of cloth to drape around but with the luxury of silk, you get a perfect scarf to flaunt.

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