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More About Initial Jewellery

The foundation for Initials jewellery was laid a long time back in the Victorian Era when wearing monogrammed accessories was a part of the aristocratic traditions. At first, the married women wore three-lettered monograms with the initials from their first name, married name and middle name. It was afterwards limited to two initials. For centuries, the initials were used as mark identification and ownership by the royals. In the last decades, however, the initials rose to prominence in the jewellery realm. Donning alphabetic motifs became an easy way to personalize jewellery. The wearers can kill two birds in one stone by looking stylish and commemorating a big moment of their life by choosing the right initial.

Pretty Perfect Initials Pendants for You

Whether it’s your name’s initial or your better half’s, even your best friend’s initial, this jewellery is the best way to wear love close by you. We have a blossoming assortment of Initial Jewellery online that comes with several alphabets. Moulded in rich designs and shining with tones of luxury, these are made for instant grabs!

Surprise Your Loved Ones with Initials Charms

Making your dear ones feel special on their birthday, anniversaries, and other celebratory occasions is as important as taking care of their daily needs. Receiving a gift on these days from you can bring them endless joy and leave behind unforgettable memories. Whether it’s your grown-ups’ graduation day or a celebration of an achievement they made, the a trinket of initial charm accessory will help you pick the gift. Buy alphabet jewellery they can closely relate to. Another way to reward them is to order multiple pieces and combining them into a pretty necklace.

Choosing the Right Initials

If you have never worn initials, you might be in a dilemma of what to wear. For a stylish look, don one of the letters from your own name and make it a part of your signature style. Though flashing your own initials is definitely iconic, you can also add a letter that has a special significance in your life. Does a loved one live away from you, yet close to your heart? Carry their cherished memories everywhere with you by wearing their initials! Our lightweight necklaces will discreetly embellish your neck. These sophisticated pieces form the perfect accessory to make a statement. Mothers might like to wear their child’s initials. On the other hand, couples might prefer their soul mate’s initials. The initial jewellery can also be worn as a remembrance of a life-changing moment.

Spell Out Your Favourite Word with TJC’s Initials Jewellery Collection

In the historic times, alphabet pendants or alphabet charms signified the sentimental values of the wearers, however, these days initials are more of a fashion accessory. Up your glamour quotient with some delicate charms available in a wide variety of finishing and textures in our initials jewellery UK collection. To make the range even more enticing pure, diamonds are embedded on some of the stunning designs. For a fuller appearance, layer different letters on the same initials necklace. Exude a bold look spelling out your own name or your favourite word combining the initials from our ever-increasing collection.

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