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More About Birth Flower Jewellery

Nature’s beauty is limitless and surprises us each day with its unique features and characteristics. A mesmerizing inclusion in the beauty of nature are flowers. Despite being so simple, each kind is different and distinct than the other. Their delicate beauty is featured in their vibrant colours adding an aesthetic value. Flowers are known to bring a smile to anybody’s face, brighten up your room with their looks and sweet fragrance.

This multi-purpose nature’s gift is also known to be associated with all birth months round the year. Wearing flower jewellery as an embellishment not only highlights your beauty but also speaks much about your taste and personality. Birth month flower jewellery is quite a popular trend nowadays ranging in the variety of earrings, charms, rings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, etc.

Our Collection of Birth Flower Jewellery

Be prepared to be spoilt for choice as you browse through our collection of online birth flower jewellery in UK. Shining and dazzling in the luxurious sheen of gold and platinum tones, these pieces are to die for! Artistically crafted with intricate designing, the graceful collection online on our website is something that will put you in a dilemma as to which and how many to purchase!

Just like birthstones, there are flowers associated with every month of the year. These have inspired us to bring to you a collection by the concept of online Birth Flower Jewellery. Each flower represents a month and also dominates and associates with an individual’s nature and characteristics. Read on further to know what birth month’s flower is associated to you so that you can make the right choice and pick your piece or pieces.

January:- The first month of the year is associated with the stunning Snowdrop flower. The distinct flower is known to represent hope, admiration, love and rebirth. These beautiful qualities are known to be inherited by people born in this month. Our collection displays intricately crafted snowdrop flower in various designs to adorn your grace.

February:- The second month of the year, which is also associated with the emotion of love, is connected with the beautiful purple and white shade of the Violet flower. This beautiful flower represents faithfulness, wisdom and hope. Reminding you of your commitment to the love of your life, this flower is featured in our collection designed in the dazzling tones of Gold and Platinum.

March:- This month is usually a symbol of rebirth as it is associated with the Spring season. The bright and yellow Daffodils represent this month. Known to be an inspiration for new beginnings and happiness, these bright hued flowers symbolize all things nice with their positivity.

April:- Daisies are beautiful flowers that are known for their purity and innocence. People born in this month are believed to have inherited these qualities of this flower. The lovely daisy is represented in our collection of jewellery to decorate your look.

May:- This month is associated with Lily of the Valley flower. This flower ranges in colours and is known to represent qualities like sweetness, love, appreciation, etc. This versatile flower is designed in our collection to accessorise any look of yours.

June:- Representing and promising an everlasting bond of love, the Honeysuckle flower is the birth flower of this month. The quality traits of gratitude, love and appreciation are also associated with this flower. Choose your piece from our collection to represent your birth month with this sweet flower.

July:- The pristine white colour of the Water Lily represents purity and chastity. This sweet and magical flower is the perfect choice for the people born in this month. Our stunning two toned jewellery is designed to enable you to associate with your birth month flower. The long white petals of this flower seem to dance in different directions which means that your purity to be known to all.

August:- This month is associated with the small and bright Poppy flowers of different hues. The red ones are known to represent pleasure, white for consolation and yellow poppies for wishes of wealth and success. The graceful poppy jewellery will look mesmerizing dangling at your wrist or neckline.

September:- The birth flower of this month is Aster. Symbolising deep emotions of love and affection, this flower looks very charming. Embodying the positivity of powerful love, this bright purple flower looks radiant. Dazzling at your lobes, our collection also represents beautiful earrings designed in the imagery of this flower.

October:- Marigolds are evergreen and versatile flowers that are a pleasing sight to the eye. These flowers represent and symbolize a whole lot of positivity imbibed with passion that can also be reflected in individuals born in this month. The bright yellow and orange hue of these flowers makes any space come alive just like individuals of this birth month.

November:- Chrysanthemums are known to symbolize and stand for different meanings of love with their different colours. Ranging in different colours like red, yellow and white these also represent loyalty and honesty. The flower is decked by numerous petals which make this one a pleasing sight to behold.

December:- The last month of the year and also the holiday season of the year is highlighted in this month. The holly flower with its bright red supple hue is associated with the joyous season of this month. Known to bring domestic happiness, protection and defend one against the evil and wrong. This simple yet meaningful flower with its strong characteristics will bring positivity and happiness in your life as you don pieces designed from our collection of the holly flower.

Match our exclusive range available online in UK of birth flower jewellery that will leave you in amazement and awe. Available at pocket friendly prices, the range is extensive that represents fine craftsmanship along with precision in designing. Pick and choose the flower of your birth month to represent the strong characteristics each symbolize and imbibe them in your life to give it a new meaning. Allow your jewellery to give an introduction about yourself and your nature to your audience as you don our fine pieces of birth flower jewellery.

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