More About Diamond Jewellery Auctions

Breathtakingly colourless, dazzling, lustrous, etc. such are the words that describe diamonds. The hardest substance ever known; diamonds make their presence known with a sparkling shimmer. But, apart from their mesmerizing appearance, there are other factors too for why diamonds are sought after. Cutting and chiselling diamonds are challenging processes and demands high skills and efforts, causing high wastage of the gemstone when it is cut; therefore, making diamonds highly coveted and valuable. And these high prices make them a luxury, not affordable for everyone.

However, to make this luxury affordable for all, TJC brings the idea of diamond jewellery auctions. These auctions allow bidding on the piece of jewellery. Starting at £1, the price goes on rising until you bid till the deal is open, and the highest bidder wins once the period for bidding is over. Hence, you can get even the most expensive jewellery at a price only as high as the bid goes. Accessible to all, bidding allows bargaining at a price you like. Let's take a sneak peek into our diamond jewellery auctions online collection offered in Rising Auctions at TJC.

Diamonds set in precious metal: Diamonds of grades ranging from the highest VS EF colour and clarity are wrapped in the lusciousness of precious metals. Finished in beautiful metal plating, contemporary jewellery designs are offered for you to bid and win pieces that appeal the most. Gold karatage of 9k, 14k, 18k, 22k, etc., place your bid worth it. Diamonds look equally elegant, when set-in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or a combination of all. Platinum, the rare and super shiny metal, graces diamonds in rare designs, offering them long wearability.

Diamond jewellery set in sterling silver is designed for everyday accessorizing at home or casual outings. Sterling, a hard-wearing hypoallergenic metal, can be chosen to wear at home at affordable prices.

Pick a piece you like the most from our diamond auction deals that are live and start bidding at a price you want to win them which are crafted in gold, platinum, or silver.

Diamond embedded designer Accessories: Designer jewellery at TJC includes the much-loved designer names such as Lucy Q, Rachel Galley, Giuseppe Perez and more. Their designs combine contemporary and traditional inspirations with the sparkle of diamonds, designer jewellery that is artistically crafted, drawing inspiration from nature and everyday objects. The jewellery is designed by award-winning designers and is highly coveted. However, at TJC, you get to buy them at prices starting from £ 1 at our diamond jewellery auctions! So, the Rising Auctions of TJC allows you not just to choose a design, but to choose its price too! So, start bidding now and shop for many at the expense of one!

Diamond studded jewellery designs: Be it a fashionable statement necklace or a matinee necklace designed for layering, or even a diamond pendant in a chain, the diamond jewellery auctions collection at TJC, is worth exploring. Rising Auctions offer you the most magnificent to the sleekest and slender rings, to other jewellery wearables on all occasions; Rising Auctions lets you bid on all!

Stat exploring and say no more to looking at price tags! Pick a piece and pay the price you want! Start bidding now to win your jewellery at TJC's diamond jewellery auctions in the UK.