• 1h 36m 33s

    £10 (10 bids)
    S.S is Winning!
  • 1h 59m 56s

    £10 (10 bids)
    C.B is Winning!
  • 5h 37m 40s

    £6 (6 bids)
    M.M is Winning!
  • 11h 39m 58s

    £17 (17 bids)
    W.S is Winning!
  • 1d 3h 37m 40s

    £6 (6 bids)
    V.S is Winning!

More About Homeware Auctions

What is the purpose of an Auction?

An auction is a sales event where potential buyers place competitive bids on assets or services in either an open or closed format. Auctions are popular because buyers and sellers believe they will get a good deal when purchasing or selling assets.

TJC's homewares auctions online are a fun, easy, and exciting way to win great deals on items that would turn your house into your home. Thousands of auctions start at £1 and have no reserve. You get to outbid others a price that you choose and thus win your favourites with bargain deals. So, please look at our magnificent collection, place your bid, and wait for the actual savings to begin.

Our vast collection gives you the best of both worlds with over a thousand options. Our keepsakes have been hand-selected to meet your high expectations. Our popular £1 homewares auctions in the UK, known for their low-priced bidding wars, should not be missed. Here's a rundown of everything we have to offer:

Jewellery Boxes: TJC has many jewellery cases from the homeware auction collection that can neatly keep all of your favourite rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and chains. These vanity must-haves not only allow you to store and organise your baubles but also add a distinct charm and look to wherever they sit. These jewellery boxes are even portable, making every trip with your baubles easy and sometimes equipped with a mirror inside to keep you always looking your best even on the go!

Home Fragrances: TJC offers a beautiful and enticing selection of Candles, Diffusers and Home Fragrances to make your home feel soothing and calm from their homeware auctions. Our collection is so varied and captivating, with vivid and picturesque designs to choose from, that you will be left speechless. In addition, our extensive collection of home fragrances in homewares auctions represents a once-in-a-lifetime option.

Kitchen Appliances: TJC strives to bring great products and assist you with your kitchen needs. Our homeware auctions bring a wide range of kitchen appliances and gadgets, such as the healthy and oil-free air fryer, electric cooker, microwave steamer, etc. So, you can relax and rely on TJC to get only the best for you and your fantastic kitchen, with bids starting at just £1! Now is the chance to place your bids to win those exciting, easy-to-use appliances.

TJC's homeware auction in the UK is the only place you can expect your super saver deals. With an easy process of placing your bids to log in and make your favourites yours, you are soon going to be announcing yourself a winner! Make your day-to-day life effortless; choose to place your bids which start from £1 and keep bidding till the deal is open. Once the deal has closed and in case you have won, you get 36 hours to pay for the won auction items at the winning bid price. It's that easy and fuss-free! We at TJC are eagerly waiting to announce you the winner of not just one but many bids! So, hurry before the deals close on your favourite homeware auctions!