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Auction and Bidding help

TJC Online auctions are a fun, easy and thrilling way to win unbelievable deals on a wide array of products ranging from jewellery, accessories and more. Here 1000's of auctions start at just £1 with no reserve. Simply browse our exquisite collection, place your bid and let the real savings begin.

What are £1 Auctions?

Enter into a thrilling experience and get a chance to win unbelievable deals! Explore a wide assortment displaying simply the best of jewellery, accessories, tools, and a lot more. What’s best is that it all starts at only £1 with no reserve. Peek in, choose your favourite, and click your bid; let the savings begin!

How to Bid?

1. Enter your bid amount and submit the bid

2. When the auction ends, we’ll send an email to let you know if you’ve won

Blocked Bidders

TJC maintains the right to block the bidders in case of violation of rules and regulations set as such by TJC. Kindly contact customer service department to determine whether blocked account can be reactivated.

Overbidding Restrictions

It's our respectful request to our customers to only bid on items of interest as well as intention of purchase. We do not recommend placing large bids on a large number of items, not followed with due payment on the event of winning. TJC is entitled to corrective actions, which may include restriction on customer’s buying privilege, suspension on the customer account, and/or legal action or proceeding. TJC reserves rights of actions if shopping experience on TJC £1 Online Auctions is hindered with intent of the above-said activities.

Managing Auctions

What is Manage Bids?

Keep track of your active bids with the option of Manage Bids. Here, you’ll be able to view your current bid as well as the highest bid on featured item, in case you’re not the highest bidder.

I’m having trouble keeping track of everything I'm bidding on and buying

Keep updated on your bids, your purchases, as well as the items you’re interested in at Manage Auctions.

Can I bid from Manage Bids just like I bid from the product page?

Yes, you can manage all your bidding activities at just one place. Enter your amount and click on "Bid Now".

How can I see the items under Manage Bids?

Once you’re at Online Auctions, you either submit the bid on "Quick View" or click to the product page and then enter your bid. These items will then move the "Manage Bids."

How can I pay for the items that I have won?

You’ll have 36 hours to complete your payment after you have won an auction. Keep track of time with "Time Left to Pay". If the period expires, it will no longer be visible on "Unpaid" section or in your shopping cart

What is Bid History?

Features history of your bidding activity. Get a full view of all items you’ve bid on, won, and lost.

Can I see the items that are not current and all of my other bidding activities?

Yes, you have the access to your entire bidding activity history in Bid History. You can find here all the items that you’ve won, lost, items with due payment, and items with processed payment.

Will my credit/debit card be charged even if I don't win the auction I'm bidding on?

TJC Online Auctions is a Free Bidding platform, which means that we don’t charge on credit cards for bidding. Even upon your winning, we do not automatically process payment from your cards. For making the due payment, you must complete the checkout process along with your preferred method of payment (Credit Card/ Debit Card or PayPal.)

How can I get email notifications about outbids or winning?

Keep updated on items you’ve bid on. Receive instant email notifications every time you’re outbid. You’ll also be sent "You Won!" email upon winning an auction at the end of it.